(12/6) Stage-point 1.

(12/6) Stage-point 1. Action. 20.06.2018, Kraków, Poland.

Jest już dzień jasny

Jest już dzień jasny (ordre de bataille). Solo exhibition, 2018.

BWA Tarnów, Poland. 18 May – 24 June 2018.

At the centre of this exhibition is a concise report of a military unit's progression ….

Prison, Palace

Prison, Palace.

Artist's residency and site-responsive installation. 2018.

Margate Museum, off-site programme: Turner Contemporary, Journeys with the Waste Land. Feb-May 2018.

The Trouble with Value

The Trouble with Value. Group show, 2017/18.

Bunkier Gallery, Kraków. Poland. 15 December 2017 - 18 March 2018.

The Spring to Come

The Spring to Come. Solo exhibition, 2016/17.

The Poetry Library, Southbank Centre, London. 4 October 2016 – 10 January 2017.

H.N.5 515

H.N.5 515

Publication, 2017.

Radio On - performance

Radio On. Performance, 2016.

Freud Museum, London.

Radio On - solo

Radio On. Solo exhibition, 2016.

narrative projects, London.

H.N.5 515 - solo

H.N.5 515 Solo exhibition, 2015/2016.

Centrala Birmingham.


Ersatz. Solo exhibition, 2014.

Ethnographic Museum, Kraków. Poland.

Tourist in Other People's Reality

Tourist in Other People's Reality. Three artist' show, 2013.

Vestry House Museum, London.

At the centre

The Wolf Man - graphic novel

The Wolf Man. Graphic novel. 2012

SelfMadeHero London, March 2012.

The Wolf Man - solo

Wolf Man. Solo exhibition. 2012

The Freud Museum, London. June 2012.

As you see it

As you see it. Three artists' show, 2014.

Szara Kamienica Gallery / Grey House Krakow Poland.


Pilot. Artist's book, 2006.

Royal College of Art, London. 2006.


Radioman. Narrative. 2007-


Playhunt. Solo exhibition. 2009.

Playhunt. Solo exhibition, 2009.

Temporary contemporary, London. 2009.