Sława Harasymowicz is an artist currently based in Ramsgate, Kent coast. Her practice is largely concerned with the subversive nature of personal memory and imagination particularly in relation to history, trauma, erasure, and generation of memory. Drawing is key, although not necessarily as a way to construct an image, and she also works with screen-printing, photography, writing and moving image in exhibitions, site-responsive installations, or other, often intentionally ephemeral interventions suggestive of autobiographically navigated, semi-narrative scenarios. She has recently made a series of projects around a forgotten second world war catastrophe including a re-enactment of a re-enactment in the form of a group vocal performance at Freud Museum, London and has developed a body of work based on material recorded clandestinely in what used to be her childhood apartment in Kraków, Poland.

Sława received her MA in Communication Art and Design from the Royal College of Art in 2006. She also holds an MA in English Philology from the Jagiellonian University, Kraków, and is currently undertaking a practice-based PhD in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London.

Recent exhibitions have included, Bunkier Gallery Kraków (2017-18), Crate Margate (2019), narrative projects gallery London (2016), BWA Gallery Tarnów, Poland (2018), and The National Poetry Library, Southbank Centre, Royal Festival Hall, London (2016-17), and publishing, performance- and residency-based collaborations with Bunkier Kraków and Onomatopee Eindhoven (2020), Freud Museum London (2016) and Turner Contemporary Margate (2018). Author of award-winning illustrations (V&A Illustration Award. Her solo exhibition at The Freud Museum, London (2012), followed the publication of her graphic novel adaptation of Sigmund Freud's Wolf Man (Self-Made Hero London, 2012). Work in progress includes exhibitions in Warsaw and London (2020). She has received grants and artistic scholarships from Arts Council England, The Arts Foundation, Royal College of Art, and Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


Instagram: @s_harasymowicz

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